Wesley United Methodist Church

Columbus, New Jersey

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Hedding United Methodist Church 

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We are open for Sunday Service 

For those not wishing to attend in person we will continue to do Live Facebook postings of our service. 

Below is what we expect of our Congregation.  Please read carefully and be prepared.  

  • Congregants will be required to stay at home and to use the live steaming if they have symptoms.  If they consider themselves to be of high risk for contracting the virus, they should consider staying at home.
  • If a congregant contracts the virus, they will be required to inform the church.
  • Congregants must maintain 6 feet of social distance between family groups.
  • The doors to the Church will be open 20 minutes before the beginning of the service.  Only two doors will be available for entry – the front west door, and the side parking lot door – available at each door will be hand sanitizer and wipes and should you want vinyl gloves.
  • Greeters will be at each door to give instructions and guidance.  Upon entering the building Congregants will be required to use hand sanitizer and have their mask in place. Congregants will be required to wear masks at all times within the building.  They are asked to bring their own masks, however if necessary, the Church will have ones available for their use.
  • Congregants are asked to reduce as much as possible the surfaces they touch.
  • Congregants are asked upon entering the Church to immediately go to their seats.  (Pews are to be used first and if necessary additional chairs will be set up).  Greeters will be happy to help you find a seat.   Each family group will be given 6 foots strings to aid in keeping social distancing.  (There will be staggered seating in the pews – no one is to sit directly behind or in front of another family unit).  We anticipate that for the near future we will not reach our maximum capacity.
  • The first pew row will remain empty for use during the Children’s Message
  • Congregants will take their own bulletin and communion cups upon entrance.  Offering envelopes and cash can be placed in one of the two plates located near the entrances.
  • Since we only have one service per week, we will not be removing bibles or hymnals, since germs do not last that long on these surfaces.  Singing will be allowed with masks on.
  • Congregants are asked if they use the restroom, to use the wipes or spray available on any surface that they have touched before exiting.
  • Congregants are asked to leave the Church immediately after the service by maintaining social distancing. 
  • Fellowship Hall, Nursery, Kitchen, and downstairs bathrooms will be closed and off limits to all congregants.
  • Greeters will be available to help you should you have questions or concerns.
  • Our cleaning staff will thoroughly clean and sanitize the church weekly. 

 Worship Services


Sunday Morning

11:00 am Worship Service

Traditional Worship Service

Coffee Hour & Communion  First Sunday of Each Month



All are welcome